Having a car makes life easier, from taking your kids to school, going to work, and even taking that exciting road trip. Imagine the inconvenience of having your car being stolen, getting damaged, or causing damage to another person’s property, worse hitting someone? Yeah, it’s not a funny thought. These fears lead us to purchase motor insurance not forgetting that basic insurance (Third Party Only) is a legal requirement in Kenya. 

In Kenya, most people purchase insurance through a broker or agent, and some are not aware of their car insurance company. What would you do after a car accident or theft after realizing you know very little about your insurance company?  Consider the following before arranging insurance cover for your vehicle.

1. Good reputation

This is a must-have, period. Research the insurance company that you are considering. Ask around about them and log onto the company’s website and find out:-

  • For years the company has been operating 
  • Their mission, vision, and core values
  • Their leadership (Must be persons of good reputation)

Find out the comments people are making on their social media pages about the experience they have had with them.

2. Financial Capacity

The company has to be in a good financial position to compensate you. Find out how financially sound the company is from its financial statements. Check for any complaints against them raised through the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) on increased delays in paying claims and rejection of claims. This could be an indicator of troubled cash flows.

3. Coverage

What kind of coverage are you looking for for your vehicle? Comprehensive cover, Third Party Only, or Third Party Fire and Theft? Select a company that has the coverage that suits your car best. Check the free limits they have indicated for their windscreen and radio cover.

4. Price

Price is a good factor to consider but should not be the most prioritized. For example for comprehensive cover, cheap may mean that you are just receiving the basic coverage i.e cover against Accidental Damage, Theft, Third parties with no additional benefits such as Political Violence, Riots, Excess protector, courtesy car, and personal accidents for the driver. You may save a few coins going for cheap but bite your fingers when an accident occurs after realizing that you missed out on crucial benefits which will be expensive during claim processing.

5. Garage

Yes, garages. From my experience, I have seen very few clients enquiring about the garages the company has on their panels. The information on the list of garages is readily available, all you need to do is ask. Seek to find if the garages are reputable, well equipped, and if they are well distributed around the country for your convenience in case an accident happened in any part of the country. In case your favorite garage is not listed, ask whether they would allow you to have repairs done in your garage of choice.

6. Availability of discounts

Many insurers offer discounts. Find out what discounts apply to your car. For example, some companies offer discounts for:-

  • Female drivers( very few offer)
  • Drivers with no claim history
  • Zero mileage vehicles
  • Multiple car owners
  • Anti-theft devices
  • Corporates

7. Quick service

Understand the easiness of doing business with the insurance company and how you can make interactions with them such as:-

  • Mobile money payments
  • Report claims online
  • Make policy changes
  • Access their customer care 24/7
  • Access your self-service portal


The process of finding a good insurance company for your car may be tasking, but it’s worth it. You can find out all this information from the insurance agent you choose to work with and save yourself the hustle. Choose an agent who is reputable, experienced, and who will save you a bunch of headaches and heartache when a claim occurs.