Your health is your world. Being in good health is the most valuable treasure. No amount of wealth can compare to good health, and no amount of money can buy good health. Being healthy helps us to enjoy life better, create memories with our loved ones, enjoy our hobbies, and stare into the beautiful sunset as we plan our future on how to bring our dreams into reality. 

Isn’t it a beautiful feeling to wake up in great health and enjoy the beautiful breeze? Sometimes, even after eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep, we still fall sick and need to access medical care. There are various medical insurance plans available in the market which you can choose from depending on the limits you may require and your budget (we shall discuss them in another forum).

What is NHIF?

The National Hospital Insurance Fund is a state corporation with the directive to provide affordable medical insurance coverage to all registered members, including their dependents. It covers both inpatient and outpatient services, but the limits depend on your type of cover.

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